Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing are becoming one and the same... at least in the hands of savvy online marketers. As Google’s search algorithms hone in on the habits of an increasingly sophisticated searching public, the actual content of your business website is more important than ever.

  • Keyword-loading is a thing of the past. Search engines won’t fall for it.
  • Teaching your readers with great content is the best way to increase traffic, jumpstart lead conversion, and outrank the competition in search results. 
  • Creating amazing content isn’t hard--the secret is to tap into your (and your employees’) unique knowledge of your industry.

In our 26 page eBook, you will learn:

  • How to come up with over 100 blog article ideas in under 10 minutes...
  • Why terrible titles are the most common blogging problem in the world...
  • 4 powerful local SEO techniques that no one talks about...
  • How Google’s latest algorithms will affect your search ranking (for the better)...

Weaving together SEO and Content Marketing is the most effective way to become an industry leader online.

Companies that do it right--like many of our clients who are profiled in the eBook--experience massive upswings in traffic and leads within a few days. It’s all about opening up and letting visitors find what they want on your site--and what they want is great, relevant, honest content.

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