Video Marketing Basics

In this first section, you'll be gauging your foundation with video marketing. Some of these questions will be a matter of opinion.

Please answer each multiple choice question as best as you can.

  • 1. What kind of equipment are you currently using?

    • No equipment (not including smartphones)
    • Entry Level Equipment (DSLR or Prosumer Camera)
    • Professional Level Cinematic Cameras
  • 2. Do you feel proficient with your video equipment?

    • "Not at all, we're not even using it."
    • "Somewhat, but we could be much better."
    • "Yes, we use our equipment very proficiently."
  • 3. Do you have a full-time videographer on staff?

    • "Not at this time."
    • "We're currently outsourcing for video content."
    • "Yes, we have a full-time videographer."
  • 4. Do you have established subject matter experts who star in your videos?

    • "We have experts, but they aren't available for videos." (for a variety of reasons)
    • "We have experts, but they won’t get on camera."
    • "Yes!"
  • 5. For the most part, are your staff members comfortable on camera?

    • "No. In fact, it's very awkward. Many don't enjoy the process."
    • "Mostly, but certainly room for improvement."
    • "Yes, they're very comfortable and relaxed."
  • 6. Are you achieving the results you desire from video marketing?

    • “Not at all.”
    • "Our videos are good, but could be more effective."
    • "Yes. We’re seeing great results."